Communication: A Hidden Pillar of Confidence

Coach-player-parent communication is an often overlooked element in player confidence. When athletes clearly receive the intended message from a parent or coach, confidence is enhanced because everyone is in synch. Clear communication removes the need for assumptions concerning message content as well as the messenger’s intent and motivation that can undermine confidence. As coaches and … [Read more...]


Affirmations Boost Sports Confidence


Confident people think and act confidently. One way to become more confident is to change your thinking. To change your thinking, you first have to become aware of your thinking. Awareness is the first step to a more effective competitive mindset. The simplest way to raise awareness is to keep a Sports Feedback Journal. Each day after practice and after competitions, record your thoughts about … [Read more...]


Mental Focus in Sports


One reason athletes lose confidence and choke in competition is because they focus on the wrong things. Focusing on outcomes, who the competition is that day or other distractions can pull your attention away from what is important. Effective mental focus in sports can be learned. By learning to focus on the right things, an athlete can keep or regain confidence in her game and avoid choking.  … [Read more...]


Sports Confidence Killers – Part 2


Confidence is a prerequisite for excelling in sports and life. Keeping confidence high can sometimes feel like a difficult task. That is because many confidence killers attack our thinking and can cause us to doubt our abilities. These attacks come in many forms, but most of them have to do with our own thoughts and feelings. I explored a few common confidence killers in Confidence Killers –Part … [Read more...]


Sports Confidence Killers -Part 1


Self-confidence in sports is vital to success. When you think of confident athletes, you probably bring to mind competitors like Michael Jordan who could make the clutch shot to win the game with no time left on the clock or Tiger Woods who can sink the pressure-putt in a sudden death playoff to seal the victory. But for every game-winning heroic, we could name a time when an athlete lost his … [Read more...]