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Learn proven sports psychology strategies to enhance performance in your sport. Mental Game Coaching Pro, Barb Kia, teaches you how to boost your pre-game confidence and how to maintain confidence during close games and in high-level competition using proven sports psychology methods. You will also learn to regain confidence when doubts creep in or when coming back to your sport off an injury. … [Read more...]


What is Sports Confidence?


Sports Confidence is firm belief in one’s athletics abilities. Having sports confidence means having self-confidence which is YOUR belief in YOUR ability to complete a physical skill or task required in your sport. Our confidence can be bolstered at times by others’ belief in us; but, ultimately, we have to believe in our own abilities to go out there and perform our best. Sports Confidence … [Read more...]


Sports Confidence Coaching


Coach Kia works with individual athletes, parents, and coaches as well as teams teaching effective methods for building confidence and increasing overall competitive mental toughness. She is available for one-on-one coaching,  3, 6, or 12 month coaching package. Each package include a free initial consultation, a  mental game assessment, a personalized mental game plan, and a weekly meeting … [Read more...]