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Build Confidence to Improve Performance in Your Sport

Learn proven mental game strategies to boost your confidence, increase mental toughness, and enhance performance!

Welcome to Sports Confidence Tips! Learn proven sports psychology strategies to enhance performance in your sport. Mental Game Coaching Pro, Barb Kia, teaches you how to boost your pre-game confidence and how to maintain confidence during close games and in high-level competition using proven sports psychology methods. You will also learn to regain confidence when doubts creep in or when coming back to your sport off an injury.

Coach Kia is a certified Mental Game Professional. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the US Air Force Academy where she competed as a two-sport athlete in basketball and track. She was a 3-time NCAA Div II All-American in track and field. She has worked with male and female athletes at levels from middle school to university in multiple sports including volleyball, basketball, track and cross-country, softball, golf, and diving and has worked with high school competitive public speakers. Her background in competitive athletics, coaching, teaching and leadership gives her an ability to work with a wide range of personalities, sports and challenges. 

As a Mental Game Professional, Barb works with teams, coaches, parents and individual athletes in multiple sports to enhance their athletic performance through application of mental game skills that lead to mental toughness and confidence for sport and life.