Sports Confidence Coaching

Coach Kia works with individual athletes, parents, and coaches as well as teams teaching effective methods for building confidence and increasing overall competitive mental toughness. She is available for one-on-one coaching,  3, 6, or 12 month coaching package. Each package include a free initial consultation, a  mental game assessment, a personalized mental game plan, and a weekly meeting on-site or over the phone. Read more about Sports Confidence Coaching



  1. Hello Coach Kia,
    I am the founder and coach for a junior roller derby league in Ft Wayne, IN (girls 9-17) empowering, confidence building and teaching youth life skills through the sport of roller derby since Jan 2009. I’m not sure if your aware of the resurgence of roller derby but I can tell you there are over 500 leagues just in the US with well over 50 leagues now world wide with junior leagues starting as well.

    I came across your website today because one of my skaters has been lacking in performance and I needed some outside advice on building her back up into the skater I know she is! I was able to create a Task Management Building sheet for her to follow and also learned some great coaching tips from your valuable site as well.

    Just wanted to say thank you! And I’ll keep this site and you in mind for future confidence building tips and mental focus applications.
    Coach Minx~
    Ft Wayne Derby Brats

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